Månedlige arkiver: oktober 2012

Nå har jeg ikke blogga på lenge. sorry for det, men jeg har så mye å gjøre og tiden går så sykt fort!

Uansett så skal jeg flytte fra vertfamilien min til campus i morgen. Grunnen til det er at jeg ikke har verken tid, penger eller krefter til å reise fra skolen med tog klokken 4 og komme hjem i seks halv sju tida hver dag. Det er skikkelig trist – men om det å flytte til skolen får meg til å gjøre det bedre på skolen og gir meg mer tid til CAS-hours og soving er dette noe jeg velger å gjøre.. :/

Men jeg kommer jo til å besøke familien i helgene og feire thanksgiving og sånt her uansett, og det er bra! For de har jo blitt som en familie nr 2 for meg 🙂

De siste ukene har jeg egentlig vært ganske trøtt og sliten, for jeg har hatt mye og tenke på og masse å gjøre.. så det blir egentlig ganske deilig å flytte til skolen for da kan jeg sove lengeee og rekke alle leksene i tide og sånt :))

Her er et bilde av meg og Lani ❤

I haven’t blogged in a while now, sorry, but I’ve had so many things going on and time goes by (as I have said a hundred times) soooo fast!!

Anyway.. I am moving from my hostfamily to school tomorrow. The reason is that I really don’t have the time, money or energy to travel from school at 4 pm and come home at 6:30 pm everyday. It is really sad – but if moving to school means that I’ll get more sleep, more time, and – better grades, it is something I will do. :/

But hopefully I will get to come visit my family in the weekends and celebrate thanksgiving with them – so it’s not like it is the last time I’ll se them :)) Because they’ve allready become like a second family for me!

The last couple of weeks I have been so tired, cause I have had alot on my mind, so it will be good to move to campus so I can get some sleep and do my homework in time and everything..:)

Here’s a picture of me and Lani ❤


love u 🙂


On friday they had a school dance at EF.. Since I live with a host family and not at the campus I thought I couldn’t go, but when Kristine could borrow me clothes and shoes and a bed to sleep in – I went after all. The dance was….. fun.. kinda.. or….. the music was way to loud (I know it is supposed to be- but with the crappy music and the broken speakers- It wasn’t that enjoying to listen to) and it was ridiculously hot in there. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a sitting-at-home-watching-disney-movies-eating-cheesdoodles kinda girl. lol. Ugghhh before I wrote this I wrote a whole post with pictures and everything…… Can’t do it over. too. tired. It’s 11:10 pm and I have to wake up 6:00 am tomorrow. even the thought of that almost makes me pass out.
so I’ll write a new post tomorrow. maybe. We’ll seee…..

and btw….

IT IS MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY TODAY! Happy birthday my beautiful , incredible and kind mother – love you more than….. cheesedoodles. That’s a lot of love.
awww, miss you so much..

ok – good night!