These weeks go by so fast

On friday they had a school dance at EF.. Since I live with a host family and not at the campus I thought I couldn’t go, but when Kristine could borrow me clothes and shoes and a bed to sleep in – I went after all. The dance was….. fun.. kinda.. or….. the music was way to loud (I know it is supposed to be- but with the crappy music and the broken speakers- It wasn’t that enjoying to listen to) and it was ridiculously hot in there. I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a sitting-at-home-watching-disney-movies-eating-cheesdoodles kinda girl. lol. Ugghhh before I wrote this I wrote a whole post with pictures and everything…… Can’t do it over. too. tired. It’s 11:10 pm and I have to wake up 6:00 am tomorrow. even the thought of that almost makes me pass out.
so I’ll write a new post tomorrow. maybe. We’ll seee…..

and btw….

IT IS MY MOM’S BIRTHDAY TODAY! Happy birthday my beautiful , incredible and kind mother – love you more than….. cheesedoodles. That’s a lot of love.
awww, miss you so much..

ok – good night!

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